ZHANG Suiyuan


Feel My Growth and Support Myself


ZHANG Suiyuan

Feel My Growth and Support Myself       感受我的成長

Mixed media      

Size variable

My artwork is about my family and growth. Words and objects are crucial to my entire growing process, such as the words my parents told me, the diaries I wrote to myself, or the precious things in my memories. I reproduced the words that I wrote and presented them to people. After a few years or even more, I can still feel the mood then. These pieces formed the current me and show how I have grown.        


Nina Zhang is an artist who was born after the year 2000, with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. She lives in Beijing and Hong Kong and finds inspiration from new places and experiences. She is skilled in graphic and media design, such as digital illustration, posters, and creative products. ​​

At the same time, she is also a life experience enthusiast. She likes to experience mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas, as well as observe small things in daily life and nature, and use images to record their forms and colors as inspiration for her works. She uses people's innate ability to feel happiness as a means of creative expression that can serve as a support for people's inner feelings.