TANG Mingyu






Mixed medium

Size variable

I am drawn to your vibrant flames, yet my darkness eludes your gaze. I attempt to cloak my wounds with your hues, but the allure of the flames overwhelms me.

As night descends, she feels as though she is sinking into the abyss of the sea, fighting to break free. At the end of the corridor lies a roiling lake, and a river of thorns courses through her veins. The ripples shimmer, and the roses are stained with guilt.

The flames tear her asunder, but she was never at fault. In times of turmoil, whispers abound, and the homeland spurns the return of souls. Like a fleeting glimpse of a startled swan, the stars twinkle in the brimming pool at the end. In the next life, she will become a tree and bask in the radiance of the sun.




Celia Tang is an artist, and she is passionate about exploring image, video, installation and mixed media art. Drawing on her dual background in biology and visual arts, she brings a distinct perspective on art and a unique way for expression.

Celia would like to explore the complex relationship between the natural world and human society. She has created a series of artworks with the theme of environmental protection, including pieces about global warming, glacier melting, and plastic pollution. Through her creations, She expresses her profound comprehension for the rules of the natural world.

In her recent project, Celia has shifted her focus to issues of women's equality and freedom. Her art seeks to shed light on the ways in which women's experiences are shaped by social and cultural structures and encourage viewers to question their own beliefs and prejudices. She believes in the power of art to provoke, inspire, and transform.