QU Yijia


Endless Summer


QU Yi Jia

Endless Summer        

Multi-material costume design        

160 × 50 × 50 cm

This is a costume installation created by organic materials and clothing fabrics. The natural flowers used were collected and processed by the artist and the costume was meticulously handmade using the craft and techniques of fashion design. The unique materials used in the artwork change over time, creating a different outlook for each viewer. This is meant to express the artist's tribute to "life experience" while commemorating her grandmother who eternally remained in the summer of 2022.

「生如夏花,死如秋葉」—— 泰戈爾


Silvia Qu, is a girl from Shanghai whose childhood dream was to be a famous fashion designer and could show her brand in Paris Fashion Week. Most of her previous works were fashion designs with themes about "human," "society," and "nature."

After graduating from her college, Silvia  started to learn visual art in Hong Kong. In her art practice, she is  always trying to explore more possibilities on different materials. Doing different kinds of art makes her feel excited. Silvia is  described as a "multitasker" and "the person who never stops." by her friends as being willing to try new things is one thing she insists on.

Rather than being recognised as an artist, "a storyteller" is what she calls herself. Telling stories through art is what she is doing and will always do.